...day seven

Glendalough / Guinness

Our last day in Ireland. I was so sad to see it end, but so thrilled with the entire trip. I experienced so much beauty in this country, and the people are so loving. I would love to return one day!

Glendalough is a treasure in it's own right! St. Kevin found this remote location, because he was trying to distance himself from the pressures and temptations of the world. Unfortunately for him, he was followed, and an entire community was formed here. It was amazing to stand in that chapel and think of the services that must have taken place there hundreds of years ago.

I was also befriended by a little irish robin. He plopped down right beside me, and proceeded to let me photograph him. He even seemed to show me all sides so that I could choose his best one. ha! When I was telling Julian (our tour guide) about the robin and how friendly he was, Julian said, "Well that's because he thinks you're a cow, and that you will feed him". Gee thanks, Julian. ha!

Guinness Brewery

We were given a tour of the Guinness Brewery on our final evening, followed by a nice dinner in the uppermost part of the building, overlooking the beautiful city of Dublin. WOW! What a way to end our trip!

...day six

Avoca Handweavers / Blarney Castle

Once again we loaded up on the bus after breakfast and headed out on a daily adventure. Today was a trip to the Avoca Textile Mill and Blarney Castle. The Avoca Handweavers Mill was so interesting. It's the oldest of its kind in Ireland, and the quality of their creations is phenomenal! I left that place quite a bit poorer! Ha!

We also trekked up the many spiral steps of Blarney Castle in order to kiss the famed stone. Unfortunately, the battery in my camera decided to die just as we walked up to the castle. So my pictures are limited to that. No stunning views from the top of the castle or the interior, but some great memories of being man-handled while I contorted my body to kiss the Blarney Stone. HA!